There is no limit to the exhibit design experience we can create for you. If it can be imagined, it can be built. Our resourceful team at Double Decker will help you to produce striking, visually exciting and immersive spaces that engage, delight and inspire.
In a crowded and competitive landscape, It is crucial to create a recognisable, inviting and well-branded exhibition stand.
Our highly-respected clients seek to stand out from the crowd and bring their vision to life by providing bold, unique exhibition stand design solutions throughout the UAE. In this highly-competitive marketplace, it can sometimes be hard to make your voice heard above the crowd, and attract the attention and loyalty of your target audience. We will ensure that we create unique, thrilling and captivating experiences which ignite the audience’s emotions. There is no limit to the exhibit design experience we can create for you.


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About Double Decker

The Double Decker is a focused, energetic team of event specialists with an appetite for success and providing the best and finest events for our clients. We're a collaborative and tight-knit team that strives for excellence. We dream big, we love tackling challenging problems and thinking outside of the box.

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We are exceptionally proud to have achieved the ISO9001 certification, and as an ISO 9001 certified organisation we have implemented Quality Management System requirements for all areas of the business, including:

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